Al Jarsh Manufacturing

Al Jarsh Metal Section Manufacturing LLC has been a leading manufacturer of high quality ladders and scaffolding since 2000. Our commitment is to provide the region and beyond with optimal access solutions across industries.

Our sister company, Al Jarsh Trading Co. LLC, has been dealing in ladders since 1995, followed by assembly and fabrication works in 2000.

In 2004 we received our manufacturing license, and began commercial manufacturing of industrial and household aluminium ladders, under the Penguin® brand. Aluminium scaffolding (mobile towers) and fibreglass ladders were introduced in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

Since 2012, we began offering our customers, customized solutions through the incorporation of Reach®, our heavy duty range of industrial access solutions. Our professional design team, along with our team of engineers, allow us to analyse customer requirements, collate site parameters and propose optimal solutions.

Over the past years, we have witnessed a surge in demand for our products across industries, due to the regional construction boom, in addition to the growing requirement for safe, reliable and heavy-duty access solutions. We take pride in our innovative and new product development strategies so as to be able to provide our customers with cost-efficient and robust products. Quality, durability and safety are of utmost concern; third-party and in-house testing ensure our products are stable and secure.

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Our History



Al Jarsh Metal began operations by manufacturing industrial and household aluminium ladders, under the Penguin® brand.



In 2006, we began producing aluminium scaffolding (mobile towers) and expanded our offerings to include fibreglass ladders to cater to electrically-live environments.



Since 2012, we have been able to offer our customers with customized solutions through the incorporation of Reach®, our heavy duty range of access solutions.



Al jarsh Group is now the first and most reliable manufacturer of access solutions in ladders and scaffolding, catering to various industries across the MENA region.

Our Philosophy

"For us at Al Jarsh Metal, the sky’s the limit. As we strive to become the leading access solution provider in the Middle East and Africa region, we remain committed to providing quality service and customized solutions for all your access needs."

Ali Asgar, CEO, Al Jarsh Manufacturing

Our Responsibility

Environment & Recycling

We have installed a fume capturing ventilation system, which converts fumes emitted from welding operations into oxygen, ensuring maximum protection for workers and the environment. We are also working towards a Six Sigma Approach and minimal wastage policy, and have a dedicated recycling bin program in key production areas to allow for efficient accumulation, sorting, separation and dispatching of waste.

Worker Safety

We consider our staff as family at Al Jarsh, as it is through their dedicated efforts that we have been able to grow from strength to strength. We view informed safety and training as key to preventing accidents. On-site safety is maintained at high standards and workplace incidents are kept to a minimum by equipping all staff with personal protective gear and by fitting machines with safety guards.

Materials & Finishes


90% of our product range is made from aluminium. The metal, has numerous features making it an ideal material for ladders and scaffolding. Given its light weight properties, it has managed to replace most traditional steel and wooden ladders, which have been used for decades.


Fibreglass is a revolutionary material as it does not conduct electricity. Fibreglass is best used for applications where worker safety is essential, as fibreglass provides superior insulation against electrocution.


Our wooden ladders are made from hardwood with high load bearing capacity, ensuring they can withstand rough use at construction sites. Additionally, our scaffolding platforms are made from high-density marine plywood allowing for greater load bearing capacities.


All our steel components are either galvanized or zinc plated; they prevent corrosion and reduce wear and tear. Integrating steel in parts subject to maximum use ensures greater durability. The steel components are small and therefore do not have much impact on the overall weight of our products.


Our ladders’ plastic components are made using an injection moulding process. Various types of plastics such as PVC and HDPE are used to create unique product accessories. These components play a substantial role preventing injuries by providing a protective layer, in addition to their anti-slip properties.


Main joints in our aluminium products that undergo maximum wear and tear are all made from high pressure aluminium die-casting. Sand-blasting and sand-casted moulds are completely avoided in our manufacturing processes as they lead to inferior and less durable products.

Our Product Lines


Penguin® aluminium scaffolding are light-weight and modular systems. They comprise of frames and associated components, which can be easily erected to access various heights. Fitted with castor wheels to allow easy movement, the towers are ideal for maintenance, installations, painting and other light-duty, time constrained work owing to the scaffolding’s non-corrosive material characteristics.

Straight Ladders

Straight Ladders are a core offering of Penguin®, making it an extensive range of aluminium ladders since 2000. Single pole ladders or straight type ladders, are essential tools for companies in the construction industry, especially in the steel scaffolding divisions.

Platform ladders

The Penguin® range of Platform Ladders cater to a multitude of task requirements across industries. All the ladders are equipped with a guardrail system, ensuring safety at work. The ladders are also manufactured with a variety of platform sizes to meet various load capacity requirements.

Non-Conductive ladders

Penguin® is also a pioneer in fibreglass and wooden ladder products manufactured in the Gulf region. Our non-conductive ladders are suited for preventative maintenance works, commissioning, and electrically live work sites. With an increase onus on safety at work – especially at facilities like airports, large-scale factories and operational institutions – non-conductive ladders, notably fibreglass ladders, are in increasing demand.


Penguin® produced the first A-Type ladder in the U.A.E. Unlike straight ladders which needs to rest on a structure, the A-type ladder requires no support. It is ideal for light to medium-duty work and can be used across industries.

Custom Ladders

Reach® ladders offer tailored solutions to complex access problems. Constructed using high-quality and durable materials, Reach® ladders possess high load-bearing capacities and enable users to access elevated heights over long-term periods. The Reach® range of ladders and access solutions can also be found under the material handling equipment category, as they are ideal to execute day-to-day shelving tasks and maintenance jobs.